Agency Growth Stories: Abi Freeman on building Brink

Agency Growth Stories: Abi Freeman on building Brink

Our co-founder, Abi Freeman, recently spent time with Future London Academy, appearing on their new series, 'Agency Growth Stories'.

She covered everything from how Brink started and and getting your first partnerships to knowing how and when to grow the team and innovating the hiring process.

You can watch the full video above, or check out topics and timestamps below.

Topics and timestamps

00:00:00 - Intro: Who is Abi Freeman?
00:02:52 - Fire round questions
00:04:54 - Why Abi co-founded Brink
00:08:01 - How to find your first clients
00:12:17 - How and when to grow your team
00:20:20 - Services to keep external rather than in-house
00:22:05 - How to hire and manage an international distributed team
00:29:12 - Brink’s failproof hiring process: hiring for ways of being not just doing
00:34:21 - How to build intimacy with your team
00:39:00 - Purpose vs. profit, finding balance in the early days
00:48:18 - How to measure the impact of your projects
00:56:32 - Common blindspots in founders
00:58:01 - How to get clients through networking
01:04:04 - How to take the first step to start your agency
01:06:35 - How to navigate Procurement Processes
01:14:05 - Behavioural Change and Climate Change
01:17:01 - Last Words

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