About Us

Finding non-obvious solutions to non-trivial problems

We are a team of psychologists, strategists, designers, creative thinkers and technology optimists.

We use a framework we call behavioural innovation to shape our work and our worldview.

We work with clients and partners to come up with new ideas that take human behaviour into account.

We do rapid testing and prototyping to see what works. Then we iterate and try again.

We join communities, teams and organisations as they re-think how they do their work, so that they can make a bigger impact.

We want to make dents in the world

We want to make a real positive difference, at scale, on the big challenges that matter to the whole world: global education, health, climate change, digital transformation and Covid-19, to name a few.

Our behavioural innovation framework is a tool for thinking and doing. It helps us find non-obvious solutions to non-trivial questions.