Introducing Brink Foundation

At Brink we believe that how money is designed and what gets invested in and what scales matters. When we look around and see what has been funded and scaled, it’s obvious that there’s work that needs doing to make fairer and more equitable funding systems.

In the world of international grantmaking, decisions and how much funding flows to what and where, is often decided by a privileged few half the world away.

This matters to us because we see missed opportunities to innovate and have impact. We set up Brink Foundation to play our part in a better reality. With a Foundation, we are able to be both a grant recipient and grant-maker.

Brink has long worked to design and implement grant funds through accelerator and innovation programmes, and our Foundation will allow us to take this further and become the grant-maker. We're very excited and hopeful about what we’ll be able to do through new partnerships.

We’re asking:

  • How might we unite fragmented players and use funding to spark uncommon partnerships?
  • What’s the best way to mix funds to invest in single point solutions and technologies alongside policy and other enabling elements?
  • What is the next generation financial instrument, bond, prize or microcredit?
  • Can we prove the value of trust-based, bottom up power flips?

Meet our Board of Directors

To help guide us on our mission we have 3 non-executive directors joining Brink Foundation’s Board, alongside Brink’s Founders, Abigail Freeman and Lea Simpson.

L-R: Abigail, Lea, Kristoffer, Magdalena, Teresa

  1. Health. Kristoffer Gandrup-Marino is Chief of Innovation at UNICEF and brings deep innovation and global health expertise across start-ups and corporates, in venture capital as an investor, and within the UN. We know he will push the boundaries of our work, while keeping us grounded in reality.
  2. Education. Teresa Mbagaya is Founding Principal at Imaginable Futures. Teresa has extensive experience at the intersection of education, innovation, and finance. Teresa will help us chart new paths in philanthropy - from new models of patient capital to democratising access to role models.
  3. Climate. Magdalena Banasiak is Associate Director, Global Development and Partnerships at Acumen. Magdalena has had an exciting career in both international development and impact investing, with a focus on climate change, gender, poverty. We know Magda will keep our strategy sharp and visionary.

Read our interviews with Kristoffer, Teresa and Magdalena.

We know we won’t achieve any of our ambitions alone, so if you’re interested in our questions and you’re interested in collaborating, get in touch with [email protected]