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Join us in making dents in the world

Brink exists to make a real positive difference, at scale, on the big challenges that matter to the whole world: global education, health, climate change, digital transformation and Covid-19, to name a few. We’re privileged to work with innovators and motivated teams across some of the world’s leading governments, foundations and businesses and we’re proud to be a Certified B Corp. Our work is highly collaborative, fast-paced and global. And whilst it wins awards and is featured in the press, what really matters to us is getting to do the best work of our lives.

We work a little differently

We know that to make dents in the world, we need to keep our own house in tip-top shape too. That’s why we’re proud to be a remote-first, global organisation, with a team of over 30 Brinksters from 13 nationalities currently living in 7 countries. Our ways of working won us a spot on Escape The City's top 100 workplaces to escape to in 2022 and in 2023! 🏖️

We’re proud of the things we’re able to offer

  • A remote and flexible set up with autonomy over your time, support to set up your workstation and a one off budget to treat yourself to some home office luxuries.
  • The opportunity to join our all expenses paid, in real life, bi-annual get togethers (we've spent time in Norfolk, Lincoln and London in the UK and Kigali in Rwanda!).
  • We care deeply about your wellbeing and vitality and offer a ‘take what you need’ annual leave policy, access to mental wellbeing platform Oliva, and 16 weeks’ gender neutral parental leave.
  • A dynamic learning environment which plays to your strengths whilst challenging you to stretch and experiment in a safe space. You’ll get a generous yearly learning allowance, access to a personal coach, a Kindle loaded with the company library, and guided time every month to learn.
  • Diversity and inclusion is in our DNA, from the make up of our team to the clients we work with - we have a global outlook and are globally distributed.
  • Exposure to some of the biggest challenges of our time and the opportunity to do career-defining work that creates meaningful impact.

Working at Brink has given me so many opportunities to stretch and grow as a practitioner. This is highly valued within Brink and we're given both a learning & development budget, as well as, opportunities to be challenged through our work every day.

Pritika's review from Escape The City

What we value at Brink

Our values were created after hearing from each and every Brinkster at one of our retreats. We feel that they encompass how we approach every aspect of work at Brink. Here's what we value at Brink:

  • Courage
    • Openly shares their ideas and feedback without fear of judgement
    • Actively listens to others' perspectives and engages in discussion to find creative solutions
    • Builds trust through transparency, respect and willingness to address challenges or conflicts directly
  • Generosity
    • Offers to help, with wholehearted support to Brinksters and partners
    • Actively finds ways to make other shines, providing guidance, resources and encouragement
    • Steps up to share the load at crunch points to make sure Brinksters don't feel overwhelmed or unsupported
  • Curiosity
    • Has a thirst for knowledge and actively seeks learning opportunities to enhance their skills and expertise
    • Asks thoughtful questions, challenges assumptions, and explores new ideas to expand their understanding
    • Embraces feedback as a means for personal and professional growth, using it constructively to improve their work
  • Joy
    • Maintains a positive and lighthearted atmosphere, finding humour in the face of challenges
    • Celebrates all victories, big and small and is a boost to Brink's overall morale
    • Has grit and adaptability and maintains an orientation towards problem solving and finding a way through
  • Ubuntu
    • Actively listens to others, seeks to understand and empathise with other Brinksters and our partners' perspectives
    • Creates a safe space for vulnerability, depth and authenticity through trust and mutual respect
    • Makes sure everyone's voice is heard and valued, irrespective of background or identity

You’re a Brinkster if…

To help us on our mission we need a team made up of brilliant brains, from many backgrounds, viewpoints and passions.

You’re a Brinkster if you’re a low-ego, high-curiosity mind with a global outlook, and deep expertise in a technical area related to the role - from lean startup to service design to behavioural insights, we draw on many methods in our work and welcome practitioners from across them. There’s no one Brinkster in the team with the same background and experience - our team includes a former architect, pizza chef and nun (yes, really!). We truly value that diversity. Our work requires new thinking, the ability to challenge current ways of working and the drive to question how we can make things better.

We want to ensure that Brink is a diverse, equitable and inclusive organisation, and we celebrate differences across the team. We’re on a journey and learning how to do this best across Brink, but are set on building a culture where all Brinksters feel safe, supported, and able to bring their full selves to work. Regardless of your background, if you’re a hybrid thinker, and want to put your skills and experience to use making meaningful impact in the world, we’d love to hear from you.

Everyone at Brink is top-class at what they do, and a joy to work with. And the workplace nourishes and takes care of everyone as humans.

Asad's review from Escape The City

We may not be a match if...

We know that our way of working may not be for everyone, and that’s okay. Our team works across 7 countries which means you may not see your team in-person for weeks (or even months) at a time. We do our best to create spaces for all our Brinksters to feel connected to one another but acknowledge that sometimes remote-first working just doesn’t work for people, and we want to be honest about that from the offset.

If you have any questions about careers at Brink, please contact us on [email protected].