Making a dent in the world

Brink applies creative, innovative thinking to make a positive and lasting difference to the world.

We define a dent as the real and meaningful impression that’s left behind after a positive impact has been made on the world.

So when we judge our performance, we don’t look only at turnover or team size. Instead we look at how much positive change we delivered. The more positive change we create, the bigger the dent.

As practitioners of behavioural innovation, our approach is all about putting people and human relationships first. Brink works with the messy unpredictability of the real world, not against it. That means we rarely make dents by ourselves.

We bring people together to create collaborative coincidences and then harness those moments of serendipity to create significant change in the way things are done. Whether that’s through the uncovering of new insights, the creation of new tools or methods, or a shift to an entirely new direction.

Making a dent means leaving a lasting and visible mark behind. It means producing a measurable and unequivocal positive outcome in the real world.

That’s why Brink exists, and it’s why our team of Brinksters sign up to do the job.

What counts as a dent?

We've made a dent if we:

  • Have produced a positive, measurable, lasting change.
  • Helped shape people's lives and outlooks for the better.
  • Solved an important, neglected, or overlooked problem.
  • Positively affected the way people work, and the cultures, processes and systems they work within.
  • Grew and developed the way we work and think at Brink

Why dents matter

We believe in work that brings about meaningful change. We're a small team making a big difference.

Brink is a certified B-Corp, which means we’ve met a certain standard for making a positive impact. Being a B-Corp is an excellent way of measuring our strategic, high-level commitment, but thinking about dents helps us focus on things that are more specific and tangible.

Being a B-Corp means we can point to our certification. Measuring the dents we make means we can point to a real and meaningful impression you’ve created.
The dent concept also helps us tell better stories about the work we do. Not the kind of stories that take place in meeting rooms, workshops and slick presentations. But the kind of stories that  happen in the real world; full of human relationships, genuine interactions and beautiful mistakes. These are the kinds of stories that we hope will inspire groups, communities and organisations we might work with in the future.

Knowing what dents we've made (and the forces that were brought to bear to make them) helps us to hold ourselves to account, measure impact over time, and grow our team so that we can do more. The more dents we make and the better we tell those stories, the more we can attract talented people to the Brink team.
Dents are a mechanism for radical transparency. They give us a flexible but consistent way of understanding the impact we make through our work.

Dents we’ve already made


Brought together innovators to accelerate the development of new and innovative robust oxygen concentrators in low-resource settings

Transformed the behaviour and culture at Oxfam America, leading to radical new ways of working that would ultimately allow Oxfam to make a bigger difference in the world.

Challenged assumptions and introduced new ways of working at Matola Council in Mozambique, leading to ‘bureaucratic innovation’ right across the council and the creation of smart, user-centered services.