Sarah Weigold

Location: Cornwall, UK

Sarah is Brink’s in-house designer. She makes sure that everything Brink puts out into the world looks beautiful and designs materials, websites and illustrations to tell the story of what’s happening on our projects. Her passions are sustainability, accessibility & using design for good.

She has 7 years of experience in branding studios and as an in-house designer. Sarah was selected as 'one to watch' by the Design Council,  shortlisted for Design Week's 'Rising Star' award and won a D&AD Newblood pencil. Her designs have been featured by the BBC, The Guardian and Fast Company.

Whilst working as an in-house designer for an environmental charity Sarah enjoyed designing fun & attention-grabbing recycling campaigns. One of her favourite stunts involved creating a talking Coke can (a speaker in a can connected to an actor hiding round the corner) who heckled, flirted and joked with passers-by in an attempt to get picked up and recycled

Questions Sarah is exploring in their work right now:

  • How to design websites that look beautiful on mobile devices in areas where data is costly
  • How to represent hard subjects (like sexual violence) in illustration without triggering or trivialising
  • How to display data in a way that tells a story