Rob Hinchcliffe

Location: London, UK

Rob is Brink’s Communications Lead, which means he spends the majority of his time finding exciting and innovative ways to share Brink’s knowledge and expertise with the world. That might involve telling the stories behind the incredible work that Brink does, or finding ways to communicate the potential and power Behavioural Innovation has to make a positive change in the world.
Rob’s interests lie in the intersection of content and community, and he’s spent the last twenty years finding new and creative ways to bring people together around innovative experiences (both online of and off). Before Brink Rob headed up the Content and Comms team at a digital agency; and previous to that he spent time at a number of startups. In the very distant past he worked as a journalist.
Despite being a northerner, Rob is a total London nerd. He founded the blog Londonist in the early 2000s, and more recently edited the London in Bits newsletter.

Questions Rob is exploring in their work right now:

  • What does the future of ‘social media’ hold and how can we make the most of this transition stage we’re in?
  • How do you tell the story of an organisation or a project in an authentic and innovative way?
  • How do you balance data-driven, evidence-based rigour with emotional storytelling?