Paul K. Mucyo

Location: Kigali, Rwanda

Paul is the Operations Executive for Brink Rwanda. He joined Brink as the first RW employee, and  is responsible for ensuring the Rwanda boat is a great one for Brinksters to sail. This means having slick operations, supporting with hiring, contracting, and new team onboarding, finances in check, and working with partners to ensure Brink is giving them what they need. He is passionate about exploring Agile ways of working and environmental sustainability (Circular Economy). Hiking and gym work out/jogging is what he enjoys doing outside work.

Paul has 3 years of experience in business administration in the renewable energy sector, and 2 years in helping SMEs with working capital management and sales. He is an MBA candidate at Mount Kenya University.

In 2017, Paul joined a startup fintech in Rwanda that provided working capital solutions to SMEs as the first employee. Did you know that cash flow problems SMEs ran into were mainly due to payment delays, especially by the Government?

Questions Paul is exploring in their work right now:

  • How can we synergise international processes and Rwanda processes and still be in regulatory compliance?
  • How can the Rwanda boat run a sustainable business cash flow?
  • How can Brink’s team in Rwanda help build a truly global business?