Nina Athill

Location: York, UK

Nina works as Brink’s Storytelling Executive, exploring how stories help change the world and amplifying the human elements in the work we do. She is passionate about ensuring that all the stories we tell are told by the right people, and loves finding ways to reshape how we give these people a platform.

Nina has over 6 years of experience in storytelling. From visual communication spanning the global music industry, London’s homelessness problem, and sustainability in Sidney, to written narratives exploring ethical travel and looking after the planet and its people, everything she does centres around social and environmental impact.

When she was 19, Nina rescued a stray dog from Morocco. Quite apart from being her biggest and most exciting adventure, the trip gave her the opportunity to collect stories from, and share stories with, all the people she met along the way. The four months she spent there involved days of travel, multiple different countries, and putting her trust in dozens of strangers, trading stories in exchange for help and advice as she navigated a world she’d never visited before. She learned the secrets, folklore and religion surrounding the village she was staying in, the way people put their trust in nature to provide for them, and the importance of community when trying to achieve the impossible. Years later, with a dog who has grown about three times the size she was back when she lived on that beach, Nina still leans on the stories she collected during those travels. The magic, wonder and human-ness that the people she met shared still linger as she continues to explore ethical storytelling, how to help people tell their own stories, and how storytelling and community go hand-in-hand.

Questions Nina is exploring in their work right now:

  • How can we amplify voices without speaking over them?
  • How can we help share stories in a way that encourages participation, community and genuine interest?
  • What is ethical storytelling, and how can we do it better?