Matthew Riley

Location: London, UK

Matthew manages Brink's external and internal communications, keeping our brand looking and sounding sharp on the outside, and ensuring information flows smoothly on the inside. Whether it's how we present ourselves on our website, or how the latest business news is shared internally, he'll be doing through an DEI lens, working across teams to build an open and inclusive culture. He's usually working closely with the Ops team, our Founders or the Leads across our practices and programmes to make things happen.

Matthew has worked in communications across fashion, LGBTQ+ housing and corporate EDI for over 8 years and has a Creative Direction degree. He’s also co-founder of Bottoming, the LGBTQ+ mental health podcast that started in 2018 and has released over 50 episodes across 4 seasons.

In 2022, Matthew collaborated with the Museum of Liverpool to create a permanent LGBTQ+ Audio Trail, uncovering hidden queer histories amongst the musuem collection. Did you know, the term Huntley and Palmers was used in the creation of the Wolfendon Report as code for homosexuals and prostitutes, to protect the sensibilities of the female assistants working on the report. This report paved the way for the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in England and Wales in 1967.

Questions Matthew is exploring in their work right now:

  • How can we ensure we create an inclusive culture across our global organisation?
  • How can communication methods be streamlined to ensure accessibility and impact during times of crisis?
  • What can be done to tackle disinformation across social media and the impact it can have on minority communities?