Louise Watson

Location: London, UK

Louise is the ops whizz at Brink and can be seen as both the grease and glue of the business. She’s process driven, comms crazy and passionate about setting remote teams up for success. Louise strives to foster an inclusive working culture and spends her time dreaming about automating systems.

At Brink, Louise can regularly be found managing our timesheeting and invoicing procedures, upholding our legal compliance, maintaining our tools, preserving our B Corp status, overseeing the facilities at our London office and coordinating all company our offsites, just to name a few!

Questions Louise is exploring in their work right now:

  • How can we continue to grow Brink as a global business, sustainably?
  • What’s out there in the world of tech, tools and software which can supercharge and enable the work we do?
  • What is Brink’s role as a B Corp in showing how business can be a lever for change?