Lil Patuck

Location: Remote, UK

Lil leads Brink’s Storytelling practice, exploring and codifying how the stories we tell can supercharge positive dents being made in the world. Every single message, conversation and story causes a ripple somewhere on the surface of the world. Lil is passionate about shaping and harnessing those to drive deeper, strategic shifts in our long-held narratives. It’s how we can inspire behavior change, encourage new social norms and pave the way for long-lasting change.

She has 8 years experience on the periphery of technology, spanning the digital music industry, independent labels and gender inclusion. Her last role was with the think tank Doteveryone, exploring how responsible innovation could become the new normal.

An elderly man walked quietly into a bustling room where Lil had organised a private showcase of hip-hop, spoken word and country music. He told her that he’d signed up to attend what he thought might be a classical music concert with his wife, but that she was unwell and now he felt nervous and out of place here alone, surrounded by much younger people. She encouraged him to stay, and as he left he told her how glad he had, that he’d discovered new kind of music and met new people. He left happy and entertained, with a wide, confident smile on his face.

Questions Lil is exploring in their work right now:

  • How can we tell stories in order to make better futures feel possible, and within reach?
  • If we weave together complex stories about sensor technologies with a common narrative, will UK civil servants take notice?
  • What is the role of coaching in the gathering, sharing and hearing of stories?