Lil Patuck

Location: Remote, UK

Lil leads Brink’s Storytelling practice, exploring and codifying how the stories we tell can supercharge positive dents being made in the world. Every single message, conversation and story causes a ripple somewhere on the surface of the world. Lil is passionate about shaping and harnessing those to drive deeper, strategic shifts within our long-held narratives. It’s how we can inspire behaviour change, encourage new social norms and pave the way for long-lasting impact.

She has 9 years experience on the periphery of technology and innovation, spanning digital music, startups, social enterprises and research. Each role has existed at the crossroads of where technology and purpose collide, tackling issues around grassroots creatives, gender inclusion, ethics, and how UK policy protects citizens from the unintended consequences of tech's role in society today.

In both her work and personal life, Lil believes deeply in the power of listening to other people's stories and holding space for that wherever possible. If stories are shared over home-cooked food around a large table? Well, that's even better.

Questions Lil is exploring in their work right now:

  • How can stories make better futures feel possible, and within reach?
  • If we weave together complex stories about frontier technologies with a common narrative, will UK civil servants take notice?
  • What is the role of coaching in the gathering, sharing and hearing of stories?