Johannes Meyer

Location: London, UK

Johannes believes that through a combination of creativity and meeting our human fears, biases and beliefs head on we can deeply change the world. As Innovation Manager, he works with people, teams and organisations to practice ways in which they can be creative and brave. His coaching style is informed by his experience in human-centered design, innovation strategy, facilitation and psychotherapy.

Johannes discovered radical human-centeredness through the Bauhaus (as part of a BA Architecture) and the brilliance and challenges of free-form creativity through fashion design (through another BA, and working as a designer for the Paris runway). He has both practiced and taught what he learned for 15 years. He also coached climate tech startups pro-bono as part of Imperial College’s The Greenhouse accelerator programme.

He loves learning new skills and so far has had 7 careers in different sectors. He says he loved about half of them, but has built his way of working out of all of them. Since he’s currently about halfway to his target retirement age he’s planning to learn from maybe eight more.