Hannah Collier

Location: UK

Hannah is the Finance Manager at Brink.  Her passion lies in making the finance data meaningful to all and providing a solid foundation for business decision making.

Hannah has nearly twenty years experience as a small business owner and finance professional.  Most recently working as the Finance Manager in a tech start-up in Cambridge UK.  Previous to that she owned a bookkeeping and payroll company.

Hannah has had a varied career working as an accounts assistant in a Law firm in London, a Civil Court Paralegal in Scotland and a legal secretary in Kuwait. This was all before owning a village pub in Cambridgeshire at the age of 24!

Questions Hannah is exploring in their work right now:

  • How can financial data be exciting to everyone (not just me)?
  • How can we measure Brink’s growth not only in terms of its monetary value?
  • What are best practices in managing global entities that Brink can borrow, buy or build?