Collective Conversations

Collective Conversations: a series to inspire, equip and embolden a movement of leaders facilitating collective learning, intelligence and action. Join us.

Humanity’s most notable achievements have been accomplished not by lone individuals but by groups of people working together, often across time and space. In just the last 2 years, people have put a person at the deepest point of the ocean, developed the COVID-19 vaccine in 1 year instead of 10, designed circular economies that can start to remove plastic from our oceans for good, and eradicated wild polio from Africa and malaria from China. This is progress powered by the harnessed intelligence of many, building on what’s gone before, sharing knowledge and experiences and working together towards a shared goal. This is the power of the collective.

Collectives foster solutions to the world’s toughest social challenges.

At their best they do this by:

  • enabling equitable access to networks and resources
  • bringing diverse sets of people, expertise, knowledge and data together to build on pre-existing efforts
  • collaborating to reach sustainable and impactful social change

We are living through persistent challenges, local and global in scale, at a time when connection between more people is more possible than ever before.

Now is a time to think again about how we can harness collective learning, intelligence and action to show up for the challenges of today, in order to change the course for future generations.

Since 2021, we at Brink have been convening people from far and wide to understand:

“What can we learn from diverse forms of collective building to shape how we convene today to solve global social issues?”

Does this question prompt a flutter in your stomach, a glint in your eye, or a spark in your mind? Well then, perhaps you’d like to join us for Collective Conversations.

‘Collective Conversations’ is a virtual event series run by Brink about building collectives, networks and movements for positive social change. We’ll bring together speakers with a range of experiences — think grassroots activism to global tech communities, guardians of ancient wisdom to social media movement builders — to learn what works and distil those insights into our own practices.

These Conversations are for you if you’re interested in the power of the collective.

Perhaps you find yourself involved in initiatives bringing about social change, action or innovation, or you are curious about how groups of people can come together to achieve more than the sum of their parts. You may be keen to get your own collective started, or build on wisdom to take an existing network to the next level. We are keen to welcome diverse viewpoints informed by experience, knowledge and gut instinct.

So far we have dug into topics such as:

What else? Do you have any speakers in mind who you think would speak beautifully, knowledgeably and provocatively about convening for social change, from an expert or practitioner standpoint? We’d love to hear your suggestions, and of course connections if they exist through this simple form here, or email [email protected]

So, will you join us?

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