Catherine Wambũi Kuria

Location: Kigali, Rwanda

Catherine works as an innovation executive at Brink. As her first job in innovation, this position allows her to learn on the job while also challenging her to work relentlessly on making a dent in the world. This aligns with her passion for social innovation for change-making, that is, leveraging innovation and technology to design user-centered solutions to wicked problems that are sustainable, empowering, and reach the most vulnerable. Toward the end of this, she splits her time between the EdTech Hub and Oxygen CoLab-related projects, assisting program teams with project delivery using agile practices.

Catherine is a recipient of the Commonwealth Distance Scholarship and is currently undertaking a MSc. Global Challenges at the University of Edinburgh. She has 3  years of professional expertise in program management and delivery, as well as leveraging innovative approaches and technology to reconceptualize tertiary education in Africa through student-driven, current and future-proof  teaching and learning outcomes.

In her previous role, Catherine designed learning experiences for university students. One of her most notable projects, which she designed, was the Leading Change in Africa module. The module was the final taught module 100+ students completed in their fourth year before graduation. It was designed to help students in investigating who they are as African leaders and gaining a sense of grounding in who they are, not only as Africans, but also as African leaders catalyzing change on the continent by being ethical and entrepreneurial leaders solving some of Africa's most significant developmental challenges, such as healthcare and education.

Questions Catherine is exploring in their work right now:

  • How can we  support Africa-based EdTech innovators and entrepreneurs who want to ensure their EdTech products use the best available evidence for how to improve teaching and learning outcomes?
  • How we can accelerate global access to oxygen in low-resource-setting by accelerating product innovation, catalyzing market traction: and enabling a collective response and anticipatory action?
  • How can we foster meaningful collaborations among EdTech practitioners to make a dent in the EdTech space by accelerating learnings through peer knowledge exchange and collective intelligence?