Bryony Nicholson

Location: South Wales, UK

Bryony is a Community Manager at Brink. She is responsible for facilitating existing communities, and designing and planning for future communities. Bryony is the Community Manager for Humanitarian Grand Challenge: Creating Hope in Conflict, and she also supports the Frontier Tech community. Bryony also works across Brink to add connection and collaboration moments to existing processes and ways of working.

Bryony has ten years' experience working in community building across the UK, and she's involved in local politics.

Before Brink, Bryony worked to mobilise a community of social workers across the UK. Using a community organising model she enabled social workers to collaborate on solutions to issues affecting children and young people across the UK. Members of the community developed training on working with unaccompanied migrant children and provided mentoring to those working on county lines. Bryony recently ran for County Councillor in her home of Monmouthshire, received the same number of votes as her contestant, and lost the council's majority on a coin toss. Yes, that's a real way to decide a democratic process!

Questions Bryony is exploring in their work right now:

  • How can collaboration, not competition, enable and develop innovation in humanitarian contexts?
  • What do we at Brink need to know about international and intercultural facilitation to enable us to support our diverse global communities effectively?
  • How can small groups of individuals work together to generate change faster?