Asad Rahman

Location: London, UK

Asad is the co-Practice Lead for Venturing. This means he designs funds, manages portfolios, and works side-by-side to help ideas grow. Asad works across a number of Brink’s programmes, most notably on the EdTech Hub, where he explores how to grow technology ideas in education. He has just returned from a year in Kigali, where he co-led the setup of Brink in East Africa.

Asad has many years of experience supporting growth and change in all types of organisations. He coaches teams (as an ORSC Systems Coach), develops strategy, and executes experiments that help companies test, learn and adapt. He loves to write.

Before Brink, Asad worked in strategy consulting and corporate strategy and innovation for a large professional services firm. He learnt that shifting how big companies work is about shifting the behaviours, incentives and mechanisms around people. So, he joined Brink as its first employee to dive deeper into how to do that.

Questions Asad is exploring in their work right now:

  • When is technology the answer, and when does it actually make our lives and societies less well off?
  • What mix of funding and support helps an idea to scale?
  • How do you design a fund to make a dent on a country’s education system?