Flic Burgess

Location: London, UK

Flic is an experienced teacher and school leader. She is passionate about building organisational cultures grounded in equity and scaling practices and systems that allow students from all backgrounds to thrive.  She’s a Teach First alumni and prior to Brink, Flic supported professional development across Rwanda, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nepal. 

At Brink, Flic works across uBoraBora and EdTech Hub teams to grow impactful ventures and interventions to contribute to improved outcomes in  learning. 

Questions Flic is exploring in their work right now:

  • How can we generate more evidence around implementation of FLN programs to unlock greater scale of impactful ideas?
  • How can we support teachers to thrive in their classrooms so they can support every learner to succeed?
  • How can we shift the funding landscape to make space for experimentation, failure and continuous learning?