An introduction to Behavioural Innovation

An introduction to Behavioural Innovation

Behavioural Innovation is what we call our approach for unlocking the kinds of behaviours that are needed to make real and lasting change in the world.

Coming up with the name was the easy part (what else would you call a combination of behavioural sciences and innovation methods?); but how the approach works, what makes it different, and how to apply it… All that takes more time to explain and understand.

Last week we added a dedicated page to the Brink website that's designed to do some of that explaining.

The page is designed to be a Behavioural Innovation guide and a toolkit. Somewhere we can lay out the thinking behind what Brink does and how we do it. There's also a growing repository of tools and frameworks for you to explore and use them in your work.

Please go take a look, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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