Emma Proud

Location: Kigali, Rwanda

Emma is our Head of Learning and Adapting. She and the Adaptive Working practice partner with teams, consortia, organisations and donors who are on a mission to tackle complex challenges. Emma helps organisations change, to be fit for the future - so they can be human, emergent, try things, learn and adapt. You might find her co-creating learning organisations, coaching leadership teams, designing mechanisms for learning or asking about incentives.

Over the last 20 years Emma has worked as a consultant in the private sector, managed systems-based programmes for international development and supported organisations to be more adaptive. Emma’s a systems thinker, a coach, a believer in relationships, mindset (she loves neuroscience!), imagination, play and innovation.

When she moved from the big smoke of London to Addis Ababa, she couldn't believe she had a chance to apply her anthropology training to the real world - exploring how Save the Children could work with indigenous knowledge and systems. From visits to livestock markets to following livestock inputs, she fell in love with the idea of systems change (and her hubby, who she met in a tiny village in the heart of the Ogaden desert!)

Questions Emma is exploring in their work right now:

  • How can we support organisations to take an intentional portfolio approach
  • What organisational mechanisms make the biggest difference in supporting a practice of learning and adapting?
  • How can we create a movement about transformative organisations?