Brink CIC Board of Directors

Brink CIC Board of Directors

Brink is an innovation practice designed to enable teams and organisations to tackle big challenges. Brink is almost five years old. In that time our team has grown to 40 Brinksters around Europe, East and Southern Africa and the UK with a portfolio spanning technology, education, health and behaviour change.

We are privileged to work with some of the world’s leading organisations to consider some of the most interesting and challenging questions of our time. Right now, we’re working with organisations like FCDO, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, UNICEF, Macmillan Cancer Services and more to answer questions like, how might we…

  • Better leverage technology to improve learning outcomes for children?
  • Get oxygen concentrators to off-grid settings
  • Apply frontier technologies to the world's biggest problems?
  • Explore new ways for evidence around cancer-related fatigue to be used by those who need it most?
  • Support African city mayors through their digital transformation

Over the past 5 years, our work has become more systemic, more global and more multi-disciplinary. Now we are setting up a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) and a Board of Directors to reflect this shift.

Setting up a Board of Directors will make it possible for us to enjoy new kinds of collaboration and partnership as a grant recipient to many organisations we enjoy working with today and aspire to work with tomorrow.

The goals of the CIC are to…

  • Advance the practice and use of behavioural sciences in innovation and publish outcomes as a global good
  • Establish grants and grantmaking facilities on behalf of global donors
  • Support philanthropy and donor partners to foster adaptive ways of working
  • Produce stories of change to elicit increased evidence uptake in a range of sectors including health, education, climate and tech
  • Form networks for learning, collective action and intelligence
  • Create transformational learning journeys that accelerate impact

We’re looking for expertise that complements what we have, with personalities and attitudes that chime with our own. We want to hear from you if you are…

  • Interested in the future of grantmaking, especially participatory approaches
  • Convinced the challenges we're facing demand greater cooperation and collaboration and new ways of working and making change
  • Constructively frustrated by the lack of progress in sectors like education or climate change
  • Seasoned enough to be ready to push boundaries, but it will feel more 'been there done that' than 'disrupt yourself' or 'move fast, break things'
  • Familiar with the worlds of philanthropy and ODA

Term, remuneration and time commitment

This is a one year appointment, which will be remunerated.

The time commitment is, as a minimum, preparing for and attending Board Meetings which take place every 3 months and will last up to 90 minutes. Meetings will take place by video link. We also expect a series of onboarding sessions at the start of your appointment.

If you are appointed as a company law director of Brink CIC you will have duties under company law, with rights and responsibilities under its Articles of Association – including collectively exercising the powers of the company to benefit the community.

How to apply

If you are interested, we’d love to hear from you. Submit your application here including:

  • A short letter expressing your interest, and explaining what unique perspective you would bring to the Board of Directors. Please include a half a page on one of the three:
  1. Point of view on the future of grantmaking
  2. New kinds of collaboration demanded by today’s challenges
  3. Tell us about something that you’re constructively frustrated about
  • Any examples of your work - this can be a paper /book you wrote/contributed to, a talk you gave, a fund you raised, a blog you wrote, a venture you invested in.
  • Your resumé, CV or portfolio

Amended closing date: Monday 5th of December 2023, 10 AM GMT

Revised timeline

  • Shortlisted candidates notified and invited to interviews: w/c 12th December
  • Interviews: W/c 9th January
  • Appointment: w/c 23rd January